Saturday, June 6, 2009

The German is staying in!!!!

Let's try this again. No I am not trying to post this subject title twice, it just happened. No I was not having a senior moment . No I am confused. I have health rage, no not road rage at this time. The surgeon said the gallbladder stays in. He thinks I have cracked some ribs from upping all the time. He thinks it is related to my acid reflux not being addressed right. I was suppose to have an upper GI done Friday, but the surgical center said I was to much of a health risk, they wanted it done at the Hospital. So Monday I will go have it done at 2 p.m. Pray that this is a day when I don't want to eat, because I can not have anything after midnight the night before. At this time I am very confused, something is not right. I have been saying this all along. So time will tell.
I have such a wonderful boss at work, Peggy. She knows I am at my Witt ends, not feeling well and being tossed here and there. She told me to take off until the test Monday and we will go from there. Thank you God for letting me make the switch to this department because in the other department I would have not been able to take the extra time off. God is amazing. He works in advance. My kind of man, and He is in control.
Just wanted to let you all know what was going on, and asking for your prays that this gets resolved soon so Mrs. Sandy can get back to business at hand. Love, hugs and kisses goes out to all.


  1. It just goes to prove what we have known all along. God is in control!

  2. Yes, He is. I have a very sick stomach, the doctor told Jim. I have a very bad infection. I am on 3 different kinds of pills to correct this. I have bacteria growing in my stomach, looks like I have the measels in my gut. I have to go see him in 10 days. I am off the ibueprofin. Had to switch to tylonel arthritis until I go back to see him. Dr. Miller and him will talk what to do next. Praying this is somehthing easy to fix, and the medication will work.