Saturday, June 6, 2009

The German is staying in!!!!

Let's try this again. No I am not trying to post this subject title twice, it just happened. No I was not having a senior moment . No I am confused. I have health rage, no not road rage at this time. The surgeon said the gallbladder stays in. He thinks I have cracked some ribs from upping all the time. He thinks it is related to my acid reflux not being addressed right. I was suppose to have an upper GI done Friday, but the surgical center said I was to much of a health risk, they wanted it done at the Hospital. So Monday I will go have it done at 2 p.m. Pray that this is a day when I don't want to eat, because I can not have anything after midnight the night before. At this time I am very confused, something is not right. I have been saying this all along. So time will tell.
I have such a wonderful boss at work, Peggy. She knows I am at my Witt ends, not feeling well and being tossed here and there. She told me to take off until the test Monday and we will go from there. Thank you God for letting me make the switch to this department because in the other department I would have not been able to take the extra time off. God is amazing. He works in advance. My kind of man, and He is in control.
Just wanted to let you all know what was going on, and asking for your prays that this gets resolved soon so Mrs. Sandy can get back to business at hand. Love, hugs and kisses goes out to all.

The German is staying in!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well duh, of course He does. He even loves all the faults I have. Yes Mrs. Sandy has faults, okay I said it, you didn't. Maybe I care to much for people. Is this a bad thing? Maybe sometimes it is. Maybe my fault lies with turning everything over to God and letting him have control over it. I just did it again, I am a control freak. I think I am on a mission this morning to discredit my name. Why God, did you give me such emotions, why did you give me a heart that goes out and gets hurt? The Bible does say the the heart is very deceiving. Am I being deceived or am I a deceiver? Out of the two choices I would rather be the first.
Then the word choice is in there. Another word that is hard to handle. One of the little ladies I care for is going to have to make a choice whether to keep me when I get better or go with the lady that is taking my place. She wants both, but this can not be so. I guess that is why they call it a choice. God gives each and every man choices. Could good things happen to people that are not saved? Yes, well of course they can, but it all lies with who gives you those things and the price that comes with that choice. The price is your soul, who do you give it to. God or satan. Yes, satan is real, and he really wants to give you what appears to be wonderful, just as he did with Eve in the garden. I pray you make the right choice, God has my vote. Then there are children who watch the choices that their parents make. Have my children watched me make bad choices, yes they have. Oh if I could only turn back time.
There's another word to deal with, time. Time will always tell, whether you want it to or not. I think the time is now, to stop playing games with my (our) lives and hand everything over to God. All of our controlling, all of our choices, and all of our time. The three sins in Mrs. Sandy's life. I AM READY, ARE YOU!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Yes when I told someone at work that my gallbladder had to removed, they told me that they were going to take the German out of me. Well, I don't know about that, all I know is that my gallbladder will be removed sometime soon. Had an Ultrasound done this a.m. and it showed that I have a sick one. This is what was causing the morning sickness, the all day sickness. They have gave me compazine for the sickness which has helped with the reflex. I go see the surgeon next Wednesday. Wonder why God put something in our bodies, that once removed we can function without? I think this is a question I will put on my many other questions for Him. Food at this time really don't sound to appealing, but I have to eat to keep my sugars from not going stupid. My doctor says once we get this problem solved, then we are going to address what kind of medication switch we will make to get my sugars regulated. If it is not one thing it is another. Life is just so dog gone interesting!!!!! I wonder if dogs have gallbladder? Oh well, gotta go. Hugs, love and kisses to all.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yes, you read it right. No, Mrs. Sandy is not pregnant!!!! Just a leaky liver, and I do not like it!!!! Sure brings back memories of when I was pregnant. Feels just like morning sickness, just not with the reward afterwards for going through it. The diabetic specialist are going to make some suggestions to my doctor about switching me to a different diabetic medication that would help with the leaky liver dump into my stomach, which makes me sick to my stomach, and would also help control my sugars. I sure hope he does this. Anything, just to get rid of this queasiness. I have found these classes to be very helpful and interesting. They have shown me a lot. Not only me, but Dawn. She got to see last week what can happen if she pays attention to what she eats and gets some extra exercise. The girl lost 6 lbs and cried, I was so proud of her. Of course, I did not budge, maybe this week. I was told exercising for me was not an option. I can not walk or exercise like I used to, and that just aggravates the snot out of me. I usually sit and cry over it, every time I think about it. But I can not sit and cry over spilt milk, so I am having to come up with other avenues to go down. I have been using elastic bands and weights at work while I sit and answer the phone. They tell me this will work just as good. I also go do water aerobics which I totally love. The water takes away the pressure on my joints so I can enjoy and move freely without pain. Something is better than nothing they say. They tell me that just 10 minutes of some kind of exercise will open my system up for 24 hours to help dissolve some of the sugars that my pancreas can not take care of which filters into my liver which it rejects and throws back into my blood stream, which makes me sick to my stomach. Complicated, I know. They will get this all figured out. I will just have to grin and puck it until they do.

We will go to our last class Tuesday night and we will graduate. Yes, I get to graduate again at age 48. No gifts please (lol), just prayers that I will get rid of my morning sickness, and stop leak for my leaky liver!!!!! Love, hugs, and kisses go out to you all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

No, I am talking about Bob Hope!!!! I have so much to be thankful for. I am so thankful for the people who have been a part of my life, whether it has been good or bad, yes even the bad. God has taught me that no matter what the outcome is, you can still learn a valuable lesson. At the time you are going through it, you just want it to stop. But, as the song says, "Even in the valley God is good". At the time this all is going on, you think the world is crumbling around you. But guess what, you are still here, and you are a survivor. God is good and He has got you through it. That' s all I have to say on the bad memories.
Now, to address the good memories. Since this weekend will be Memorial Weekend, I would like to share with you all things about my Father. My father was an Italian man, as my mother said he was full blooded and came with papers. I can not remember one time that my father ever spanked me. My mother said that my Father was abused by his mother, so maybe this is why he never spanked me. He would never tell me no, it was always we'll see. He would talk in Italian when he was made. I never heard him cuss in English, he did that in Italian. My father was very strong. I remember once I was in a hardware store with him. He was an iron worker, and he was looking for a strong pair of pliers for work. The store clerk told him that he had a pair of pliers my father could not bust. Well, needless to say, the manager gave my father a pair of pliers for free, because my father busted the pair they said he could not brake in front of them. He never had to buy a pair of pliers again, they would replace them for free with no questions asked. I guess I should be thankful for no spankings from him, cause I don't think they would of tickled. Mom said he would not touch us kids, because he didn't no his own strength. There has been times in my job where I have had to protect myself, and I have felt strength I could have not come up with myself. Patients have told me that there was a large man standing by me. Thanks dad for being there.

My father used to call me a squash head in Italian. I am looking forward to the day that I get to see him again, because for the life of me, I can not remember the word in Italian. Thank you God for giving me a wonderful father on earth. He may have made mistakes in his life, like not taking me to church, but he never once stopped me from going if I choose. I hope he is proud of me, because I sure am proud to call him my father. Dad I love you!!!! Thanks for the memories.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shock treatments do work!!!!!!

I have had the chance to have some interesting conversations this week. It made me look back when I was a teenager trying to fit in. I am from St. Louis, was born and raised there. When the power plant took off in Fulton, it brought my Father and Mother here and left me up in St. Louis to finish out the school year with a friend who's family agreed I could stay with them so I could finish my sophomore year out. Don't get me wrong, my parents did not leave me, it was my choice. Sometimes (most the time) a teenagers choices are not wise. The family I stayed with was wonderful, they treated me like I was one of their own. The problem was their daughter and I both was trying to fit into a crowd that neither of us needed to be in. We did the smoking thing and the pill thing.... not a good choice. Needless to say, my parents got me out of St. Louis just in time.
WHAT A SHOCK!!!!!!! I look back now, knowing it was a wake up call from, you guessed it, GOD. Here I was, used to living in an area where you could walk and go shopping anywhere you wanted. Where do I wind up, but in the STICKS!!!! Yes, down in Steedman, Mo. I thought about running away, but, was scared to death. First night down in the sticks, outside pitch black (no street lights) hearing what sounded like a women screaming for help. I started screaming myself. My father came running outside and said, OH Sandra, that is a panther screaming in the woods. I don't think I need to say anymore on that subject!!!
Isn't it wonderful how God has a sense of humor? I can only give Him the Praise and Glory for taking me out of the situation I choose to put myself into. He must really love me a lot!! :-)
Again, lessons learned.